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'Wired': Internet Should Hate Pai

An FCC staffer said a tweet by Wired magazine appeared to be justifying internet attacks on agency chairman Ajit Pai.

The tweet by the magazine quoted an unnamed source who said in a Wired story about Pai, "You’re not allowed to try to destroy the internet and then expect to be treated well by the internet. The internet should hate Ajit Pai." 

The tweet, later deleted, came in advance of the Senate vote Wednesday (May 16) on nullifying the Pai-supported FCC order to eliminate the rules against blocking, throttling and paid prioritization.

In response, Evan Swartzrauber, policy analyst for Republican FCC commissioner Brendan Carr, tweeted:


Pai, and his family, have been the subject of personal threats, as well as racist attacks, for his backing of a deregulatory approach to net neutrality, an approach that has inflamed network-neutrality activists who see his position as an existential threat to the internet as they know it.