Windstream Lights Up Kinetic TV in Sugar Land

Windstream said it has moved ahead with the launch of its IP-delivered Kinetic TV service in Sugar Land, Texas, where it faces off with incumbent MSO Comcast.

Windstream, which offers the service there to more than 30,000 homes in there, announced plans to launch the service to the affluent Houston suburb back in February.

Windstream’s pay TV service runs on a fiber-based network using Arris-made wireless whole-home HD-DVRs powered by Ericsson Mediaroom, the IPTV middleware platform that  Ericsson acquired from Microsoft in 2013.

Windstream has also launched Kinetic TV in Lincoln, Neb.; and Lexington, Ky., where it competes with Time Warner Cable.

Windstream is bundling Kinetic TV with its high-speed and telephone services, or offering it as a standalone starting at $39.99 per month.

Among the service combos, “Bundle 1” ties different TV tiers with a 25 Mbps Internet service for prices starting at $59.98 (with a “Basic” TV) package, while the triple-play, also with a 25-Meg broadband offering, starts at $64.98 per month. Pricing on its “Select” and “Preferred” TV bundles require a 12-month agreement.

Windstream also offers a 1-Gig broadband service in Sugar Land.