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WIN Founder Says He's Willing To Change Name

Inspiration Networks is pushing back against a proposed faith-based IPTV service that has "Inspirational" in its name.

The programmer, whose outlets include INSP: The Inspiration Network and Halogen, said it has no direct affiliation with World Inspirational Network, a proposed Web-based amalgam of existing networks such as TBN and God TV and church sermons. INSP would be part of the service, via an agreement WIN has with the distributor Olympusat.

WIN founder Michael Jay Solomon plans to launch WIN early next year via broadband and, using a set-top, to subscribers' TV sets.

Inspiration Networks issued a statement, attributed to Dale Ardizzone, its EVP of business affairs, and chief legal counsel, that WIN does not have rights to use "inspirational" in association with its venture. "The Inspiration Networks has spent more than 20 years building and developing our distinctive ‘inspiration' and ‘inspirational' brands, which include our family of networks, programs, trademarks, and logos, and we will vigorously enforce our rights and oppose any individual or entity who attempts to infringe on them," Ardizzone said in the statement.

Solomon, the former head of Lorimar Telepictures, told Multichannel News on Friday: "We don't want any conflict with anyone. If it bothers them that much, we will change our name. It is our service to the community that we are focused on. We would win the battle, but why waste our time."

INSP corporate communications manager Kristina Hill said after that: "We are encouraged by Mr. Solomon's prompt response. Our legal team will continue to take the appropriate steps to handle this matter. "