WildBlue Offers New Equipment-Lease Program

WildBlue Communications, which provides high-speed satellite Internet service throughout rural America, is introducing an equipment-lease program for new customers, officials said Monday.

Under the new WildBlue Lease Program, customers will no longer be required to purchase the WildBlue equipment and, in addition, will receive free standard installation of the service, reducing total upfront fees by more than 50% to $149.95.

Customers will now pay a monthly lease fee of $5.95, similar to most cable and satellite television pricing models. The main benefits for customers include the lowest upfront price ever offered for WildBlue and worry-free equipment replacement, company officials said. As an added savings, customers will have the option to prepay their first 24 months of lease fees for $99.95.

“The lease program will help new customers get WildBlue for a significantly lower upfront investment, making our award-winning service available to more people throughout rural America,” WildBlue CEO David Leonard said in a prepared statement.

“Our program also helps our dealers who will no longer need to purchase an inventory of WildBlue equipment,” he said. “This will free up more of their working capital which will allow them the ability to increase their marketing and sales activities. This program is part of a wide-ranging set of initiatives to assist our customers and our partners wherever possible during these challenging economic times.”