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Whiting: Anytime, Anywhere Video Still Primarily Means Traditional TV At Home

Vice Chairman Susan Whiting plans to tell the Senate Commerce Committee
Tuesday, April 24, that while video consumers increasingly are watching video
on the best screen available, on more devices and at more locations, the vast
majority of that anytime, anywhere consumption (91%) is still on traditional TV
in real time.

And while tablets and smart phones have fueled
an explosion in digital access to video, there are still are record number of
TV sets in American homes.

Whiting's written testimony, a copy of which
was obtained by B&C/Multi, is
based on Nielsen's latest State of the Media: Digital consumer Report

While 166 million Americans watched video
online in October 2011, and more than 117 million accessed the 'net through
mobile, she points out that is still mostly in short bursts rather than large
blocks of time.

The average monthly total of viewing on mobile
devices and computers is a little under nine hours, while the average viewer
watches a whopping 146 hours-plus of traditional TV on one of those record
number of TV sets.

YouTube and Netflix dominate online video
viewing, together accounting for over half 56% of the 4 hours, 31 minutes of
average streaming video per month.

She points out that 33.5 million mobile phones
now watch video on their phones, up more than a third (35.7%) in only the past
year. She concludes that "consumers are saying unequivocally that online
video will continue to play an increasingly larger role in their media

Whiting is joining IAC's Barry Diller and
other execs to talk about the implications of the migration of video from
traditional TV to the 'net.