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White House:Trying To Get Embassy Assistance For Journalists

White House
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday that the White House continued to get
disturbing reports about the targeting of international journalists
covering the crisis in Egypt.

He said he had
discussed the issue with the President Friday morning and that he had
"dealt with our embassy on trying to get assistance for journalists to get
out of the country, some of whom have been held, many of whom have been

He also
reiterated his warning that anyone held must be released and that the
attacks are "deplorable."

"The world
watches the actions of all of those in Egypt," he said, "and they
speak volumes about the seriousness with which the government looks at an
orderly transition."

The Committee
to Project Journalists said Friday it had documented over 100 attacks on
journalists, including destruction of equipment and detentions.

The situation
had appeared to improve Friday, with Tahrir Square the site of
chanting and dancing on what was called the "Day of Departure," though
President Hosni Mubarak has not agreed to that call as of yet, beyond saying he
will not run for re-election in September.

But CNN was
reporting that the situation was less calm on the side streets outside the
square, and the news net was not identifying the balcony position
from which it was able to cover the square.