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Wheeler: 25/3 Mbps Should Be New High-Speed Definition

An FCC source confirms the commissioner has circulated a draft of the latest broadband competition report to commissioners and it proposes a 25 Mbps downstream/3 Mbps upstream definition of high-speed broadband and concludes once again that broadband is not being deployed in a reasonable and timely fashion.

The speed change proposal should not come as a big surprise. When the FCC issued the Notice of Inquiry on the new report back in August it suggested then the definition of “high speed” needs to be increased from the current 4 Mbps downstream/1 Mbps upstream to at least 10/1.5 and might have to go as high as 25/6 Mbps to accommodate or anticipate all those cloud-storing, video-watching, online-educating Americans.

In addition, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has been signaling that at least 10 Mbps, and more likely 25 Mbps should be the new "table stakes" for broadband.

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