WeatherNation TV Enhances Roku App

WeatherNation TV, which just got a distribution boost from DirecTV amid the satellite TV giant’s protracted carriage spat with the Weather Channel , has also expanded further into broadband video with the introduction of an enhanced app for the Roku platform.

The app, available to about 8 million Roku devices shipped in the U.S., provides access to WeatherNation’s live TV feed, alongside other features that tell viewers the “feel like” temperature, wind speeds, humidity levels, air pressure, and their extended forecasts.

While WeatherNationTV clearly billed this as its "launch" on the Roku streaming platform, it marks an update to an app that has been available for months, according to the ZatzNotFunny blog, which points out that the app on Roku has already generated more than 2,000 ratings. WeatherNationTV said the earlier iteration was as a trial version, and that, following the official launch this week, is now actively targeting advertisers for pre-roll opportunities, a spokesman noted.

The app also supports on-demand video segments of regional weather news, travel forecasts, and detailed advisories for severe weather in a given location.

“With WeatherNation on the Roku streaming platform, we make it even more convenient to keep viewers informed of severe weather, travel forecasts, and customized weather news for their location,” said Tim Kelly, SVP of digital for WeatherNation TV, in a statement.

WeatherNation, offered in 30 million TV homes, also has launched apps for Sony Blu-ray, Bravia and theater systems, Samsung and LG smart TVs, the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones, and at