Launches 'Allergy Tracker’

The Weather Channel and partner Flonase have launched an “Allergy Tracker” at that provides weather and allergen information, including recent levels and maps for pollen counts and allergy-related stories.   

The Web section also includes an outdoor allergy tracker that shows levels and maps for mold, various types of pollen, and a breathing index, as well as a Three-Day Outlook to forecast how overall conditions are expected to change from day to day. The tracker’s indoor allergy meter also measures conditions that can trigger or increase allergens in the air, such as current temperature, thermostat temperature, outdoor humidity, and whether your air conditioner is on, resulting in conditions that are too wet or too dry.

“To help make the Allergy Tracker meaningful to each nasal allergy sufferer, several factors are separated out – pollen, mold, or breathing index levels – so they can target what’s important to them,” said Paul Walsh, meteorologist and vice president of weather analytics at The Weather Company, in a statement. “While has had this information in the past, we’ve put it all together in an easy-to-find format that lets consumers plan their day based on how weather might affect their allergies.”