Weather Channel Gets Jeopardy! Moment

The Monday, Oct. 22 edition of TV game show Jeopardy! will feature a category all about The Weather Channel.

Channel publicists said the answers to Jeopardy! clues about science and weather conditions will be presented via video shot at the channel’s Atlanta headquarters.

The show sent members of its “Clue Crew,” Jon Cannon and Cheryl Farrell, in March as part of the crew’s mission to liven up the portion of the show where host Alex Trebeck reads clue answers in the form of a question.

A sweep of local news on the Internet indicates the crew has been busy lately, visiting the University of Colorado, a mall in Springfield, Mo., and Lucasfim’s Skywalker Ranch to scout out Jeopardy! contestants and shoot answer segments.

In June, the Fearnet on-demand horror channel on Comcast was featured on Jeopardy!.