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WE tv To Encourage Appointment Viewing

We tv will look to encourage viewing of its shows within three days of air through an new social promotional initiative.

The network’s Watch W/In initiative will offer prizes to viewers who watch WE Tv’s most popular shows live, on demand or via DVR within three days of the show’s airing, said network officials. The initiative encourages viewers to watch through commercials and promotional spots to be eligible for weekly prizes and one grand prize drawing, as well as to spark participation in social media conversations.

The Watch W/In effort will debut Thursday during the network's Tamar & Vince series.During a WE tv spot within the show, a specific code word will be featured which viewers can enter at to receive a Tamar & Vince swag bag. All participants will also be automatically entered into a grand prize sweepstakes to win a home theater system.

“We know many viewers today want to time shift their favorite shows and watch on their own timetables, but promoting urgent viewing within three days is meaningful for the network and our advertisers,” said Marc Juris, WE tv’s president in a statement.  “Watch W/In is a fun and innovative effort to encourage viewers to watch our most popular shows within three days, which is significant both for our advertisers and for promoting the kind of communal and conversational experience consistent with our new brand. Whenever possible, we want people watching and talking about our shows in a variety of ways as they happen, and Watch W/In serves this important brand-building goal.”