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Waxman Urges Swift Action on Democratic Agenda

Former Democratic House Energy & Commerce Committee chairman Henry Waxman of California, who was one of the most passionate foes of media consolidation, is urging The White House and other Democrats to push their agendas while there is still time and they control at least one government lever.

Waxman, who now heads his own public affairs shop (Waxman Strategies), sent out a letter saying his company was ready to employ a host of lobbying strategies to get that done.

In an email sent out Thursday, Waxman listed a number of strategies. Under the heading of "Maximize the Next Two Months," he said: "Barack Obama remains president until January 20th and there is still much he can do," including on telecommunications. "We must make an all-out effort to achieve unfinished objectives wherever possible."

Waxman had recently been lobbying on behalf of tech and broadband companies against FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's broadband privacy proposal, a proposal pushed by a lot of Democrats, including the current highest ranking Democrat on the House E&C, Frank Pallone (D-N.J.).