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Washington State Tops TechNet State Broadband Readiness Study

According to a just-released ranking
of the top 50 states
with the "ingredients" for promoting and developing
broadband, Washington state leads the way with a strong
information/communications and apps development economy (Microsoft and Amazon
are based there).

Massachusetts is second thanks to Boston's cluster of
universities and tech companies, while Delaware ranks third thanks to network
quality, where it ranks first among the three key ingredients: adoption,
network quality and economic structure.

Rounding out the top 10 list are Maryland, California, New
Jersey, Vermont, Virginia, Utah and New York.

Taking up the final three spots in the relevant broadband
metrics are Alaska, Hawaii and Arkansas, in that order.

To rank the states, TechNet used broadband adoption
information from a National Telecommunications and Information Administration
study, network speed data from Akamai and the Fiber to the Home Council
(percent passed by fiber optics), and economic data on the percentage of jobs
in information and communications technology industries and apps development-related
jobs specifically.

TechNet advocates in Washington on behalf of CEO's and
senior execs for members including Apple, Cisco, Dell, and Yahoo.