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Warner Bros. Reduces Theatrical Window for 'Just Mercy'

Warner Bros. is the latest movie studio to alter movie distribution windows as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, announcing Tuesday that it will move up the digital release of Just Mercy to March 19 from March 24.

Just Mercy

Just Mercy

The movie, which stars Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx, will be available to digital retailers on March 19 and will available via on demand on March 24, according to the studio. Both dates are within the typical 90-day theatrical window for major studio films.

The studio's decision to move up windows for theatrical movies follows the closing of most theater chains around the country due to coronavirus fears. Warner Bros. also moved up VOD windows for its DC Comics-based theatrical film Birds of Prey, which will be available for digital purchase on March 24 -- about 45 days after its Feb. 7 theatrical release.

Earlier this week NBCUniversal announced a reduction of the theatrical window for several of its movies, including The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Emma, which will be available vie on demand for $19.99 starting March 20.

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