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WAM! Ready for Black History Month

Starz Entertainment Group LLC’s WAM! will air seven films in commemoration of Black History Month in February.

The movies will air throughout February during the kids’ network’s education block.

The seven films are:

And the Children Shall Lead, an examination of prevailing racial attitudes during the voter-registration drives in the southern United States as experienced by a young African-American girl in 1964 Mississippi.

Black Like Me, the true story of white journalist John Howard Griffin, who underwent pigmentation treatments to “become” an African American in the late 1950s.

Booker, a dramatization of Booker T. Washington’s early years as his family makes the transition from slavery to freedom.

CosmicAfrica, an HD feature documentary on the traditional aspects of astronomy in Africa.

The Road to Brown, the story of segregation and the career of the lawyer who defeated Jim Crow laws and launched the civil-rights movement, Charles Hamilton Houston.

Simple Justice, the account of an era in America when injustice against African Americans was written into the law of the land.

Words by Heart, the story of a northern farming town’s only African-American family in 1910.