Vyve Teams With TiVo

Vyve Broadband, a tier 2 operator formerly known as BCI Broadband, will be the first operator to offer a TiVo-based interface running on low-cost HD-Digital Transport Adapters (DTAs) made by Evolution Digital.

HD-DTAs are hi-def versions of simple one-way, digital-to-analog channel zappers that MSOs are using to power their all-digital migrations. HD-DTA units are expected to cost in the sub-$50 range when sold in volume.

Evolution has been working with TiVo on a version of the interface and an integrated recommendation and search feature that can run on those devices, and showed off some of that handiwork at last week’s NCTC Winter Educational Conference in Tampa (see image at left). The deal with Vyve covers only Evolution/TiVo DTAs, though future agreements could extend the relationship to also include TiVo-based HD-DVRs.

At the show, Evolution Digital president Brent Smith said his company was finalizing deals to offer TiVo on HD-DTAs with one existing partner and one new TiVo partner. The agreement with Vyve evidently represents the latter example. Evolution has deployed DTAs with more than 50 U.S.-based operators.

Vyve said it will begin the deployment of TiVo-powered DTAs in April, noting that the boxes will used to support an HDTV lineup of more than 140 channels as the MSO phases out its analog video service. Vyve operates systems in Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Wyoming and Colorado that pass more than 300,000 homes.

“Vyve was founded with a key principal of providing next-generation broadband services to our non-urban markets,” said Vyve SVP of residential services Vin Zachariah, in a statement. “This agreement with TiVo enables us to take yet another large step in delivering on that commitment. Converting our infrastructure to an all-digital format with over 140+ HD channels is a critical technology objective.

Founded in 2012 by two former Bresnan Communications execs, Vyve Broadband rebranded last month amid the kicking off of an all-digital upgrade initiative that will pave the way for faster broadband speeds (up to 105 Mbps in most markets), an expanded HD lineup, souped-up HD-DVRs, and these new TiVo-enabled DTAs.