VRV’s ‘Combo Pack’ Offers 8 SVOD Channels for $9.99/Month

VRV, Ellation’s new subscription VOD aggregation service/platform, recently revealed pricing on a bundled “Combo Pack” that will offer steep discounts on eight “channels” when compared to pricing when those services are purchased separately.

VRV’s Combo Pack bundles together Crunchyroll, MONDO, Funimation, Rooster Teeth, Cartoon Hangover, Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Tested for $9.99 per month. Together, they’d run about $33 if a consumer  subscribed to those services individually. VRV is also offering a seven-day free trial for its first SVOD bundle.

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“This is not a limited time offer, and you won’t find this bundle anywhere else. Not only does VRV facilitate a new and bigger community built by the team that brought you Crunchyroll, but it also offers a new model of value for fans of these related genres,” Mike Aragon, GM of VRV, noted in this Oct. 28 blog post.

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VRV is also making its supported SVOD services, including those offered in the aforementioned bundle, available on a la carte basis. Here’s how the one-off pricing stacks up for each ad-free SVOD service via VRV:

-Crunchyroll: $6.95 per month

-Funimation: $5.99 per month

-Rooster Teeth: $4.99 per month

-Cartoon Hangover: $2.99 per month

-MONDO: $2.99 per month

-Nerdist: $2.49 per month

-Geek & Sundry: $2.49 per month

-Tested: $3.99 per month

-GINX: $1.75 per month

-Machinima: $1.99 per month

-Rifftrax: $4.99 per month

-Seeso: $3.99 per month

-Shudder: $4.99 per month

Of that initial batch of partners, Cartoon Hangover and MONDO are exclusive to VRV. Aragon noted that VRV intends to add channels from more partners in the coming months.

Per the FAQ, VRV also offers more than 20,000 hours of free, ad-supported content.

Following a recent launched beta trial, VRV was pushed live last week, a VRV official confirmed. VRV said it was “available for public consumption” on November 10.

Ellation, a portfolio company of Otter Media (the OTT-focused joint venture of AT&T and The Chernin Group), introduced VRV in June in tandem with E3. Its SVOD platform is being tailored for fans of anime, animation, gaming, comedy, fantasy and technology.

VRV is initially supported on the Xbox One as well as native apps for iOS and Android smartphones, and expects to add more platforms to the list later.