Vivid Eyes Linear Launch In Europe, Come November

Vivid Entertainment is looking to gain a linear lay of the land on The Continent next month.

The adult film company said it will launch VividTV Europe on Nov. 1, supplementing its traditional erotic fare with the highest-quality European content available.

News of the European service comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of a Vivid partnership with adult broadcaster Sex-Shop Television Inc. north of the border, where it will rebrand its Vanessa TV to VividTV Canada on Oct. 28.

Led by Tony Cochi, executive vice president worldwide distribution of VividTV, and Stephen Walter, senior vice president of business development for Canada and Europe, the new linear channel, will be available on Astra 1L 19.2° East as well as via fiber, and will complement Vivid’s extant European video on-demand distribution.  

Bill Asher, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, said distribution deals with several major European operators will be announced shortly.

VividTV launched its 24/7 linear channel in 2013 and the company said the network quickly became the top-performing adult service in over 70 million homes across North and South America.  Vivid extended its U.S. service to Europe in April of this year. 

“In order for any channel to truly be successful it must have a local flavor and appeal to the constituency of the territory,” Asher said. “VividTV Europe is designed specifically for the European market. The channel will deliver the most popular content in Europe, both through acquisitions as well as programming from Vivid Entertainment, owner of the largest single adult studio archive.”

The porn purveyor said European viewers will see exclusive, never-before-seen footage from the Vivid Celeb line, which includes sexually explicit videos starring Kim Kardashian, Tila Tequila, Pamela Anderson, Kendra Wilkinson, Montana Fishburne, among others, plus pop icon superhero parodies, award-winning series like Brand New Faces and 100% Real Swingers and genre features.