Viva la Appeal for Bam

Brandon C. "Bam" Margera of MTV: Music Television’s Viva la Bam has been told to pack up his TV-production equipment.

According to AP, Margera received a letter June 16 from Pocopson Township, Pa., ordering him to cease and desist filming on his $1.2 million, 13.8-acre spread and to get rid of his production gear and props in 30 days.

Margera and the network plan to appeal before the July 16 deadline.

Among events Margera has staged on the property: a heavy metal concert, a helicopter landing, a demolition derby and an encampment of Civil War re-enactors, according to AP.

“The question is whether he is running a business in a residential neighborhood," H. William Sellers, supervisors chairman in the township, told AP.

"We've been having amicable discussions with Pocopson Township authorities and look forward to reaching an agreement soon," MTV spokesman David French told AP.