Visible World, FourthWall Target the Set-Top Box

Visible World said it will extend its ability to deliver targeted advertising to Motorola (now part of Arris), Cisco and Pace set-tops after striking a deal with FourthWall Media.

Under the deal,  FourthWall will extend the capabilities of its EBIF-based interactive TV products to support Visible World’s addressable advertising platform. FourthWall said its platform already reaches “millions” of homes on Motorola, Cisco and Pace boxes deployed by its cable partners, which include Time Warner Cable.

Visible World said works with more than 300 advertisers to deliver targeted ad campaigns to about 80% of U.S. cable homes.

“Being able to target the right message to the right home is the single biggest opportunity awaiting the television advertising industry,” said Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World, in  a statement. “In a study we recently completed, examining 144 cable operator marketing campaigns covering an 18 month period, we found that ads that targeted their message to the right subscribers got a 70% better conversion rate than their overall campaign results.”

“Platform technology and set top box viewing data are critical for marketers to better reach their customers with the right message at the right time,” added Bill Feininger, SVP of media measurement for FourthWall and GM of the company’s MassiveData division.