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Viggle Does Windows 8

Viggle, maker of second-screen apps that reward users for watching TV and listening to music, is expanding its device horizons by launching a version of its platform for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

Under a strategic alliance with Microsoft, Viggle will tap Microsoft Azure for the app’s cloud-based infrastructure and delivery to Windows 8-powered devices.

The new Windows-optimized Viggle app will provide the same functionality as the app it already offers on iOS and  Android devices, the company said.

“We are making the experience available to some users for the first time with the Viggle app for Windows and will be working with Microsoft to utilize their cloud services platform Microsoft Azure. We expect to continue to expand our relationship over time,” said Viggle president and COO Greg Consiglio, in a statement.

Viggle’s app recognizes and identifies shows and music, and allows users to “check in” and qualify for points that can be redeemed for coupons, dining offers, gift cards and other rewards from partners such as Papa John’s, Best Buy, and Fandango.

Viggle said it’s mobile app now has more than 4 million users and that its customers have redeemed nearly $19 million in rewards so far.