VH1 Classic Sets Seven Ages of Rock

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Beverly Hills, Calif. -- Steve Van Zandt was here to promote VH1 Classic series Seven Ages of Rock, but like all Sopranos veterans passing through the twice-annual meeting of the Television Critics Association tour, he was pestered for his view of the controversial swan song of the popular show.

The ending was brilliant, the actor-musician said, noting that throughout the series, producer David Chase "broke every rule in the book" governing drama writing and plotting. Van Zandt praised the writer-producer for resisting the "Hollywood game of fraudulent closure" for the show.

He was also asked if there were any similarities to his experiences working for Chase and Bruce Springsteen. Just seeing New Jersey in the limelight twice in his lifetime was remarkable, he quipped.

Van Zandt is participating in the Seven Ages episode focusing on stadium rock, in which he discusses the experience of playing arenas as part of Springsteen's E Street Band.

The series is narrated by Mark Goodman, one of the original MTV VJs. The British Broadcasting Corp. co-production premieres in October. Other episodes focus on the birth of rock, art/progressive rock, heavy metal and punk.