Verizon to Widen ‘Flex View’

New York — Verizon Communications senior programming
executive Tricia Lynch said that FiOS TV has
launched Flex View, a video-on-demand service for the
sale and rental of movies and TV shows on all platforms
— “cell phones, tablets and computers.”

She said the service is “available right now to FiOS customers,
but will soon be available to non-FiOS customers.”

Flex View is just one example of a VOD service expanding
to multiple platforms. Lynch said that putting on-demand
content across multiple screens “is very complex
and we absolutely depend on partners to get there.”

She said that the combination of rights issues and enforcing
various rules from programming partners makes the development
of on-demand content for smartphones, iPads
and other mobile devices quite complex. Lynch, however,
predicted during an On Demand Summit 3.0 panel that Verizon
will see a big conversion in the next few years.

Lindsay Rubino is an editorial assistant at


& Cable.