Verizon Rolls Enhanced UI To Quantum TV Subs

Verizon has completed the rollout of an enhanced version of its Interactive Media Guide for FiOS Quantum TV customers that features a fresh look and a set of new features.

Verizon began to roll out the new IMG on January 26 in Philadelphia, Buffalo and Syracuse, and completed the deployment on Tuesday (February 10).

The enhancements, for FiOS Quantum TV, a new platform that’s anchored by a souped up whole-home HD-DVR made by Arris, feature a fresh color scheme with a black background that’s designed to make the on-screen graphics pop. In a nod to customers who like to binge out on TV series, the new guide also includes an episodic bundling component that lets customers buy a full TV season at once.

Among other additions, Quantum TV subs in New York and New Jersey will start to see the FiOS 1 News Channel as the welcome screen when they flip on the TV, though customers can disable that by altering the guide settings.

Verizon ended 2014 with 5.64 million FiOS TV subs, a figure that will change dramatically once the telco wraps up a proposed deal to sell wireline operations in California, Florida and Texas that include properties that currently provide 1.2 million FiOS video connections, to Frontier Communications.