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USTelecom Spotlights Google "Blocking" of Amazon Access

Telco ISPs are using a fight between Amazon and Google over their respective platforms to suggest edge players are engaging in the sort of content blocking ISPs have been accused of in the net neutrality rule debate.

USTelecom referred to a story in Hollywood trade paper Variety about Google blocking access to YouTube on Amazon Fire TV and Echo because Amazon does not allow access to Google products because Amazon doesn't carry Google products and stopped selling some Nest products.

“Broadband ISPs are committed to providing an open internet for their customers, including protections like no content blocking or throttling. Seems like some of the biggest internet companies can’t say the same," said USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter, adding: "Ironic, isn’t it?”

The FCC is preparing to vote next week to eliminate the FCC rules against ISP blocking and throttling and paid prioritization, prompting USTelecom members and other ISPs to renew pledges not to block or throttle. No such rules apply to massive edge providers like Google and Amazon.

The fight between the companies has been going on for some time.