Twitter Chatter Fuels Fuse’s 'Trending 10'

Music television network Fuse is tapping into the chatter on Twitter to help it produce and determine the daily countdown for Trending10, a half-hour music entertainment program that runs weeknights at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Fuse, which has signed Trident as a show sponsor, gets special access to Twitter data for Trending10. The show is the “first television program to be sourced and produced from real-time Twitter conversation spikes,” Fuse claimed.

The show presents the 10 top trending music-related stories of the day, filtered through Fuse’s “Heat Tracker” technology that measures and illustrates which artists are getting the biggest buzz on Twitter. The size of each bubble on the Heat Tracker is determined by the level of Twitter chatter… so if there’s news breaking about Justin Bieber, his bubble will likely blow up like a balloon.

The show culls Twitter data throughout the day, so viewers will essentially get an opportunity to influence each night’s countdown.

And the model is intended to open up new advertising opportunities. Trident is integrated into the show and will “facilitate the social media conversation” to help the gum brand connect with the tech-savvy Millennial generation (age 18 to 34).

Trending 10 is hosted by Fuse personality and co-host of Top 20 Countdown, Yasmine Richard, along with several guest hosts, including Dan Brown and Elaine Moran.