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Twitter Backs Do Not Track

Twitter announced Thursday that it was supporting browser-based do not track functionality, which the Obama Administration has been promoting as a voluntary approach to protecting Web user's privacy by giving the choice and control of their online information.

That announcement drew a tweeted statement of support from Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), co-chair of the House privacy caucus and co-sponsor of kids do not track legislation.

"@Twitter is tech industry leader w support of #donottrack. Other co's shld follow, give consumers right 2 say NO 2 info collection," tweeted Markey.

Twitter itself also tweeted that the move had gotten a shout-out from the Federal Trade Commission, which is a big backer of browser-based do not track. "The Federal Trade Commission's CTO, Ed Felten, just mentioned Twitter now supports Do Not Track. We applaud the FTC's leadership on DNT," the company said.