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TWC Media Splices In TV Everywhere Ads

Time Warner Cable Media, the ad sales arm of Time Warner Cable, has branched into the world of TV Everywhere using a platform that enables advertisers to insert customizable, targeted ads into live TV feeds streamed to iOS- and Android-powered devices, as well as PCs.

Complementing its TV-based system, the new multiscreen platform, called TWC Media Ads Everywhere, is starting off with support for more than 50 cable networks.

During the initial launch phase, TWC Media Ads Everywhere will tie in the audience and content from both linear TV and the cable operator’s TWC TV app, giving marketers the ability to advertise across multiple demographic groups, the company said. At launch, the TWC Media’s multiscreen ad service will also start with a set of targeting options, including demographic and content-specific bundles.

Future phases will include live insertion capabilities for additional cable channels and a broader set of platforms. TWC did not specify which platforms are next in line for TWC Media Ads Everywhere, but in addition to iOS and Android, the MSO has developed versions of the authenticated TWC TV app for platforms such as the Roku, Xbox 360 and newer Samsung Smart TV models. The initial version of TWC TV app for Samsung TVs started off with VOD, but is slated to add live TV streaming to the mix later this year.

The launch of TWC Media's new multiscreen advertising system comes into play as operators continue to seek out ways to monetize their TV Everywhere offerings.

“TWC Media Ads Everywhere makes multi-screen advertising simpler and more effective for marketers. Time Warner Cable and Time Warner Cable Media continue to innovate and make it easy to connect marketers to consumers where and when they are viewing the latest and greatest live programming,” said Joan Gillman, EVP and COO of TWC Media, in a release. “The new TWC Media Ads Everywhere solution is a major milestone in making TV more targeted and easier to buy and execute across screens.”