TWC Climbs in the Netflix Streaming Rankings

Time Warner Cable jumped two spots in Netflix’s ISP Speed Index for June (opens in new tab) while there was no movement among the top six U.S.-based ISPs ranked by the video streaming giant.

TWC rose from No. 10 to No. 8, as it delivered an average Netflix streaming speed of 2.05 Mbps in June, just a notch above the 1.97 Mbps average it posted in May. As a result, Mediacom Communications and AT&T U-verse dropped down in Netflix’s June rankings. 

Time Warner Cable didn’t supply a reason for its slight rise in the rankings, but confirmed that it was not a result of having joined Open Connect (opens in new tab), Netflix’s free private content delivery network (CDN) program. Netflix subscribers who get broadband services from ISPs that are part of Open Connect get access to Netflix’s library of “Super HD” and 3D content.

TWC, which has been in discussions with Netflix about Open Connect, has argued that the program unfairly holds back content in an attempt to get preferential treatment from ISPs.

Cablevision Systems, Google Fiber, Suddenlink Communications, Virgin Media, British Telecom, Frontier, Clearwire, GVT, Bell Canada, Telmex and Telus are among the known ISPs participating in Open Connect. Cox Communications has not announced its participation, but in March did confirm that its broadband subs have access to Netflix’s Super HD library.

Netflix said its index is based on date collected from more than 36 million subs who view more than 1 billion hours of TV shows and movies via the Netflix streaming service. Here’s how the U.S. ISPs ranked by Netflix stacked up in June: