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TV Rolls Out Record 455 Scripted Series In 2016

Broadcast, Cable and online services aired a record 455 scripted original series in 2016, according to FX Networks Research.

This year's scripted series figure easily outdistanced the 421 scripted series made available to viewers in 2015, and more than double the number of shows offered just seven years ago. The year to year scripted series increase was mostly driven by online services, which doubled its scripted programming fare to 93 from 46 last year, according to the survey. Broadcast, pay cable and basic cable networks all posted slight year to year declines, according to the survey.

“Peak TV was once again far from peaky in 2016, with a record 455 scripted original series across broadcast, cable, and streaming sources,” said Julie Piepenkotter, Executive Vice President, Research, FX Networks. “This estimate reps a +8% increase over just last year (421 in 2015) ― but an astonishing +71% increase over five years ago (266 in 2011) and +137% over a decade ago (192 in 2006).”