TV Guide Net Stunts Charlie Sheen's 'Spin City' Episodes

TV Guide Network will air Charlie Sheen episodes of Spin City Monday night, from 8-10 p.m., in a "bi-winning" stunt.

Sheen succeeded Michael J. Fox in the political sitcom for its fifth and sixth seasons. TV Guide Network, in a new acquisition, also said it shows those episodes in marathon form on Saturdays (other than April 30 when it will be replaced by Royal Wedding programming). 

"There's absolutely no doubt that Charlie Sheen has been the man to watch the last few months," Diane Robina, TV Guide Network's EVP, Programming and Marketing, said in a release. "We're also thrilled to be airing one of Charlie's best roles on the fan-loved sitcom, Spin City. The series captured the perfect formula for the classic sitcom, and we're excited to introduce a whole new generation to the show."

Spin City ran for six seasons from Sept. 17, 1996, until April 30, 2002, on ABC. The series starred Michael J. Fox as Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty, with Charlie Sheen taking over Fox's role as new Deputy Mayor Charlie Crawford. The cast also starred Richard Kind as Press Secretary Paul Lassiter, Alan Ruck as Chief of Staff Stuart Bondek, Michael Boatman as Head of Minority Affairs Carter Heywood, and Heather Locklear as Mayor Winston's campaign manager, Caitlin Moore.