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TV Critics Tour: ‘Attack of the Show!’ Hosts Cut Up

Beverly Hills, Calif. – The public-relations preparation that a host of G4’sAttack of the Show!claimed she got in advance of appearing before TV writers apparently didn’t sink in too well.

During a panel Tuesday at the Television Association Critics tour, sassy host Olivia Munn said that she and co-host Kevin Pereira had been given some impromptu training on how to deal with the press questions they might encounter during their panel.

“The thing we were talking about yesterday when we were preparing all our answers for you, which they made us do in a room: They’re like, ‘These are some questions that they might ask you,’” Munn said. “I said, ‘Can I be racist?’ They said, ‘No, maybe just defer to Kevin.’”

Pereira shot back, “What, I’m the resident racist?”

And Munn responded, “No, not racist, but they’ll probably take that quote, which is fine with me.”

Attack of the Show! deals with topics of interest to young men, from technology to games and gadgets.

Later at the panel, a scribe asked Munn about the “romantic” tension with Pereira, “and how many seasons before it’s finally consummated?”

Said Munn, “Well, he already put it in my @#$, which is technically not doing it.”

“We’re saving it for sweeps,” Pereira said.

Munn also recalled her part in attention-garnering stunts, like biting a hot dog hanging from a ceiling and dislocating her shoulder in a bit involving sliding on garbage bags bathed in baby oil.

At the panel closed, Munn said, “I’d just like to officially apologize for my behavior.”

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