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Turner Media Group is The One

Turner Media Group changed its name to The Media Group, according to a company spokesman.

The turnkey company -- which handles interactive-TV advertising and offers transactional programming -- will still continue to use the initials TMG. The company has no relation to Turner Broadcasting System.

TMG recently created a third division in its company, The iTV Group, which is focused on the production of “interactive-television experiences” for advertisers, according to TMG spokesman Marc Lumpkin.

With the addition of The iTV Group as a wholly owned subsidiary of TMG, the turnkey operator expanded from two to three divisions: The iTV Group, The Ad Group and The Networks Group.

The name The Media Group best reflects all that the company does, according to Lumpkin, including offering transactional programming across eight transactional TV networks.

TMG sells advertising on those services: The Men's Channel, Healthy Living Channel, Beauty & Fashion Channel, Resort and Residence, iDrive, Men's Outdoors & Recreation, America’s Preview Channel and iShop TV.

TMG reaches an aggregate of more than 100 million homes nationwide through EchoStar Communications' Dish Network and major cable operators such Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications on a market-by-market basis.