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Trump Vows to 'Destroy' Comcast's Image

President Donald Trump took aim at NBC and Comcast at a rally in Charleston, S.C., Feb. 28, apparently unhappy that NBC did not cover a "great event" he had with young African American leaders.

According to a transcript, the President said the event was an "incredible love fest," but that "NBC didn't cover it.

"There they are right there. They turned [it down] down," he said, then turned to its owner, Comcast, which owns "MSDNC, right? MSDNC. But NBC I think is worse than CNN. I actually do. And Comcast, a company that spends millions and millions of dollars on their image… I’ll do everything possible to destroy their image because they are terrible. They are terrible. They’re a terrible group of people."

The President has made no secret of his feelings about mainstream media, which he has said undercover his events, undercount his audiences and are in league with Democrats to undermine his presidency.