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Trump Trashes Fox, Touts OANN Again

President Donald Trump continues his apparent shift from Fox News to conservative news outlet One America News Network (OANN) as his media outlet of choice--among a host of outlets he regularly trashes.

That attack on the "Fox populi," as it were, came in a series of tweets Thursday (Oct. 10) following a new Fox News poll Wednesday that showed record support for the President's impeachment.

The poll found that 55% wanted the President impeached (51% both impeached and removed from office), while 40% did not.

The President was not pleased, tweeting:


Trump had previously signaled his growing favor for OANN, the Herring Networks' conservative news channel looking to carve a niche in the right-leaning news market.

POTUS tweeted this following his Fox fusillade:


OANN was leading its Web site Thursday with a story about the President's assertion that the U.S. should have never been in the Middle East in the first place as he defends his decision to pull troops out of Northern Syria.

The President's Fox attacks came out at about the same time Washington Post readers were likely perusing a Style Section story about Trump's disaffection with Fox News, saying that in response "right-wing media is trying to outflank the channel allying themselves completely with Trump."