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Trump, Sanders Top Pre-Primary Google Searches

Among the candidates in either party, eventual GOP winner Donald Trump was the subject of the most Google searches from web surfers in South Carolina and Nevada in January, the last full month before their primary and caucus, respectively.

Number two in searches was the eventual number two in the Nevada caucus, Bernie Sanders, in keeping with his rise from relatively obscure senator to a contender for the nomination.

According to search data analytics firm iQuanti, there were 101,220 searches by South Carolinians in January, up 21.19% from December 2015. (search keywords included "names, current positions, family members and misspellings of names." Sanders was second in January with 66,340, up a whopping 136.17% month-over-month.

For Nevada, it was a similar story. Trump was tops with 81,960 in January, up 1.97% from December. Sanders searches totaled 55,150, up 94.88% month-over-month.

Hillary Clinton was fifth in Google searches in South Carolina with 21,480 in January. She was third in Nevada with 33,430.