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Trump Quizzes Supporters on Media Strategy

Donald Trump's campaign is apparently looking to supporters to help plan its next media ad buy.

That is according to the latest email contribution solicitation under the name of his son, Eric Trump.

The email says the campaign wants to target new voters and includes its "Five Weeks--Five Questions" voter outreach survey—it is five weeks until the election.

"We’re targeting our response for maximum effect—and we need your immediate input to get it right," says the email.

The first of the five questions is about how some of those funds the campaign is spending should be spent.

"In your opinion, what is the best way to reach new Trump supporters in your community," the survey asks, providing the following options: "radio messaging, TV advertising, e-mail/Twitter/Facebook, telephone, door-to-door volunteers, and other."

And from the "leading question" box comes question number four: "Which of Hillary Clinton’s many scandals and failures is of most concern to voters in your community?" Those are listed as "Benghazi terror attack, Mishandling of classified documents, Private Email/Server-gate, Clinton Foundation corruption, Lack of actual accomplishments, Serial lying, other."