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Trump ‘Picks’ Fight With Bush

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump late Monday was "picking" a new social media fight with opponent Jeb Bush, retweeting an unflattering photo of Jeb Bush appearing to pick his nose—the photo was reportedly a composite.

Bush stayed out of the social media fray, but his national press secretary, Kristy Campbell, weighed in, tweeting at about the same time: "Out on Twitter there arose such a clatter, late night twitter-drunk Donald is back at it!"

The online cacophony notwithstanding, Trump continues to lead in the polls. According to the latest Ipsos/Reuters poll (Dec. 19-23), as reported by The Huffington Post, Trump has 39% of the Republican primary vote to second-place Ted Cruz's 13%, with Bush in fourth place at 7%.

Trump followed up Tuesday with another jab. "So, I have spent almost nothing on my run for president and am in 1st place. Jeb Bush has spent $59 million & done. Run country my way!," he said, while on his feed, Bush was talking up an op ed about new threats to U.S. security and a Fox News appearance, as well as promoting relations with Israel.

Trump also tweeted a poll from conservative news site WND and Clout Research asserting that among Republicans, he was doing well with minorities including Hispanics.