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Trump: Media is Hyping Coronavirus, Helping Tank Stock Market

As the coronavirus continues to spread in the U.S., President Trump continues to allege the media is hyping the threat in league with Democrats. 

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Two weeks ago the President Trump Wednesday accused the media of using their reporting on the coronavirus to make him look bad in support of his Democratic opponents. He appeared to reiterate that charge. The tweet came after reports over the weekend that an attendee of the conservative CPAC conference last week tested positive. The President spoke at the conference. 

Trump issued a series of tweets blaming the media for playing up the risk from the virus and blaming the media and the price of oil for the stock market slide. 


The President also continued to talk about the number of flu deaths compared to those of the virus to suggest the concern over the latter is being overblown. 


As of press time (about 11:20 a.m.) NBC was reporting the number of confirmed cases was now more than 550.