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Trump: Mainstream Media Is Slandering 'Movement'

President Donald Trump's fund-raising committee has put out another of its periodic Media Accountability Surveys in the President's ongoing effort to marginalize the mainstream media.

That follows heavy media criticism of his policies on separating immigrant children from parents at the border, the President's Supreme Court nominee, the latest indictments in the Russia election meddling probe, the President's planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other stories about the Administration the President dislikes.

In an email from the committee attributed to the President, the media are called "liberal propaganda machines" "Fake News Machines" and "coastal elites" who want his America First agenda to fail and in that pursuit have "used every possible tactic to slander, undermine, and insult our movement."

The 'survey's" stated goal is to "fight back against the media's attacks and deceptions."

Among the questions this time around:

"On which issues does the mainstream media do the worst job of representing President Trump? (Select as many that apply.)"

"Do you believe the media disdains conservatives?"

"Do you believe the media fails to report on Democrats’ scandals?"

Do you believe the media sensationalizes and exaggerates stories in order to paint President Trump and conservatives in a bad light?


"Do you approve of [press secretary] Sarah Huckabee Sanders?"