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Trump Imposes Five-Year Ban on Administration Officials Lobbying

As promised, President-elect Donald Trump is going to make it tougher on lobbyists to work in government.

In a call with members of the press Thursday, members of the Trump transition team said that new appointees would be asked to sign an agreement not to lobby for five years after leaving government service.

In addition, anyone being considered for a post in the Trump administration must submit a form showing they are no longer lobbying.

The Obama Administration had a two-year prohibition on officials lobbying after they left the government.

It may be tough for the Trump Administration to police the prohibition, however, since officials could theoretically become consultants rather than registered lobbyists and still rake in big bucks as consultants using their knowledge and contacts.

Still, one veteran communications lobbyist speaking not for attribution said a five-year ban would make it tough to attract experienced people to the administration and that the Obama two-year ban had been bad enough.