Trio Execs Assume Bravo Duties

NBC Universal’s Trio remains in limbo.

Two Trio programming executives were given slots at Bravo earlier this week -- a move that again stirs questions as to whether NBC will continue operating the pop-culture network as a 24-hour, linear service.

Andrew Cohen, Trio’s vice president of original programming, was named VP of production and programming for Bravo. David Serwatka, Trio’s director of documentary programming, became Bravo’s director of programming and production. Both executives will maintain their roles at Trio while taking on additional duties for Bravo.

Trio chief Lauren Zalaznick has had day-to-day oversight of Bravo since May.

There has been much speculation about the future of Trio -- talk exacerbated with the news that DirecTV Inc. will drop the network next year. DirecTV accounts for about one-half of Trio’s 20 million subscribers.

The official word on Trio: “NBC Universal continues to evaluate the future of the network in relation to its overall digital strategy,” according to a network spokeswoman.