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Top Props for Copps

Retiring FCC Commissioner Michael Copps got shout-outs Tuesday from Current FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the former chairman of the House Communications Subcommittee, Ed Markey (D-Mass.), as Copps announced that Jan. 1, if not sooner, would be his last day on the job, though he has said it will hardly be his last stand for diverse media or against consolidation.

"Commissioner Michael Copps has been a great teacher, colleague and friend," said FCC Chairman. "I applaud his deep and abiding respect for public service during the past forty-one years, his unflagging dedication to American consumers, and the passion and eloquence of his public statements. We will long remember and be inspired by the work of Commissioner Copps to give voice to the voiceless and to fight for the public interest."

"I've always admired Michael Copps," said Markey. "He is a communications colossus and a stalwart defender of the public interest. Mike Copps leaves an enduring legacy of unmatched achievement touching every corner of telecommunications policy, benefitting consumers, competition, choice and our entire country.  As he leaves the FCC, Mike will remain a vigilant and tenacious 'Copps' on the beat for public media, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

Copps' successor is slated to be his former top aide, Jessica Rosenworcel, currently senior communications counsel for the Senate Commerce Committee, which is scheduled to vote on her nomination and that of Republican Ajit Pai, Dec. 8.