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Top Aide:Genachowski Intends To Stay Put

With Commerce Secretary Gary Locke heading for China
as the presumptive new ambassador--he has been nominated, but not yet
confirmed--could FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, who has worked with
Locke on key communications issues, be eyeing that post? Not according to
a top aide.

The Commerce job would still keep him in charge of
spectrum, since Commerce's National Telecommunications & Information
Administration is essentially the "FCC" for government spectrum
users. It would also keep him busy on the broadband adoption and deployment
front since Commerce is still overseeing billions in stimulus grants. Plus, he
would get that "secretary of" title.

"Chairman Genachowski is very happy at the FCC and
is focused on harnessing the opportunities of the communications and technology
space," said Josh Gottheimer, the chairman's senior counselor. "He
has no intention to leave his position."

The chairman has a number of big issues teed up, including
media ownership rule review, a future of media study, retrans and USF
reform, and finding lots more spectrum for wireless broadband while preserving
free, over-the-air TV.