Toon’s Boomerang Revives Krypto, Boing

Two new characters are slated to premiere next month on Cartoon Network channel Boomerang.

Dr. Seuss character Gerald McBoing Boing and Krypto the Superdog of DC Comics fame will both appear in animated half-hour adventures Monday, Feb. 5 at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., respectively.

The network is offering 39 episodes of Krypto, from Warner Bros. Animation, introducing children to a canine superhero who -- with the help of the boy, Kevin Whitney -- must fight the evil forces threatening people and animals of Metropolis. Krypto was first introduced as part of DC’s Superboy series in 1955, a spinoff of Superman.

Gerald McBoing Boing, produced by The Cookie Jar, was adapted from the Academy Award-winning short film by children’s-book author Dr. Seuss. The series spotlights the kid who speaks only in sounds and noises. Boomerang has access to all 26 episodes, but it will present 18 for its first rotation.