TNS, CNN Offer Affiliates 15-Second Spot Vignettes

Turner Network Sales and CNN will provide affiliates with 15-second spot vignettes created around health, finance and weather tips to offer to their advertisers.

Turner Broadcasting System’s ad-sales arm and news network said the spots can be used at any time during 2007.

The spots are:

• Health Tips: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, offers advice and five customizable tips on health and exercise from the importance of eating breakfast to how long it takes to work off a pound of fat.

• Financial Tips: CNN senior business correspondent Ali Velshi and personal-finance editor Gerri Willis deliver financial tips aimed at keeping viewers on the right financial track with nine customizable suggestions ranging from investment advice to obtaining a dream home.

• “Be Prepared” Weather Tips: The CNN weather team created a series of weather-related tips from hurricane preparedness to dealing with seasonal allergies.