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TLC Reveals Third Season of ‘Strange Sex'

Discovery Communications-owned TLC will premiere its third
season of Strange Sex -- a series
focusing on medical rarities and unusual fetishes -- on July 15 at 10 p.m.

The series features interviews with those willing to speak
out about their conditions or proclivities. In the first episode of the new
season, viewers meet Jeff, a man who is sexually stimulated by breastfeeding
and impregnating his wife. He claims that by drinking his wife's breast milk
straight from the source, he has cured his erectile dysfunction.

Also interviewed is Lynn, a woman who's undergone
hymenoplasty -- an operation that recreates the look and feel of virginity --
for her husband.

Future episodes of Strange
will feature a man with a 200-pound scrotum and the woman with the
world's biggest non-augmented breasts.  

The show, produced by Sirens Media, averaged 1.1 million
viewers aged 2-plus for its second-season episodes.