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TLC Provides Exposure Before 'National Nude Day'

National Nude Day is Monday, July 14 – guess some people call it storming the Bastille – but TLC is baring down in celebration on Saturday night with new episodes of Sex Sent Me To The ER and  Buying Naked.

On this week’s Sex Sent Me To The ER at 10 p.m. a woman’s birthday surprise for her husband shocks the doctors at the ER. Also, an Arizona doctor gets more than one surprise while attending to a woman with abdominal pain, and when John’s mom interrupts his toy play, the embarrassment lands his girlfriend in the hospital.

TLC is now scheduling new episodes of Buying Naked in the 11 p.m. hour on Saturdays.  In the first installment, “Bowling in the Buff” things get awkward when nudists and clothed keglers share lanes at a bowling alley. And Jackie has reason to be concerned as her protégé, Chandler, still hasn’t received his real estate license.

During the second-half hour called “Northern Exposure”, Jackie and her team, in an effort to expand their client base, visit a resort in West Virginia and see how nudists brave and bear up against cold climates. Meanwhile, Alex brings a couple on a house tour that turns wild when they find a dangerous creature on the property.