TiVo Tacks On HBO Go, Toon Goggles

TiVo announced that it is offering HBO Go, the premium programmer’s TV Everywhere app, and the kids-focused Toon Goggles VOD service via the new TiVo Bolt as well as its Roamio and Premiere retail product line.

ZatzNotFunny reported in December that HBO Go was coming to the TiVo platform. HBO Go will be available to TiVo users who are also HBO subscribers who get pay TV service from MVPD that authenticate on that platform.

HBO Go will also be appearing on specific MSO-supplied TiVo boxes. HBO Go was referenced in TiVo’s new deal with Buckeye CableSystem. It’s not clear yet when the app will be offered to other TiVo U.S. MVPD partners, which include  GCI, RCN, Grande Communications, Suddenlink Communications and Mediacom Communications, among others.

TiVo is also extending its  SkipMode feature to its entire Roamio family starting Thursday (February 18), and expects to complete that rollout by February 26.

SkipMode, a controversial feature initially offered on TiVo’s new 4K-capable Bolt device and on  Roamio DVRs deployed in Chicago and San Francisco, lets users skip commercial breaks in recorded shows with the click of a button. Early on, that capability is being supported on about two dozen channels, including the Big 4 broadcasters, for shows (except for local content and sporting events) that run each day between 4 p.m. and midnight. SkipMode can also work on TiVo Mini boxes that are connected to a Bolt or Roamio.