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Tivo to Roll Out Premiere Set Top Box on RCN in Washington

Tivo is rolling out its new Premiere set-top box on
overbuilder RCN in Washington, the company said Tuesday (May 4).

That will allow TiVo to showcase the new box,
which combines video and broadband access, to an FCC and Congress
currently focused on spurring a "gateway" set-top device that will
combine those functions to help further broadband adoption and create a
"more robust" retail market in set-top devices.

In fact, TiVo Senior VP Matthew
was one of the witnesses at a Hill hearing last week on the FCC's

The box scans for on-demand, online, on-home-PC and
traditional video content and will be available as part of a bundled package of
TV and high-speed Internet.

TiVo plans to roll out the boxes in New
York, Boston, Philadelphia,
and Chicago in
the coming months.